Like the name suggests the campsite is situated on the banks of the river Marecchia, water which feeds our fields. From these riverbanks the poet Tonino Guerra repeated “Here you find the worlds youth” The river gives its name to the valley where we are situated in the centre, where vegetation is rich with a very comfortable climate with its highs and lows and mountain breezes. This Valmarecchia is in the heart of the historical Montefeltro, full of culture. We have villages, forts, footpaths and roads all within a few miles of the campsite. Old villages such as Pennabilli adopted home of Tonino Guerra, San Leo, Antique Mons Feretrius, where Sant Agata Feltria took its name Petrella Guidi; San Marino the oldest and one of the smallest republics of the world. From here we are prized with architectural privileges, natural beauty with streams and woods that we share with Tuscany. There are many activities trekking on foot or horse back, mountain biking, climbing, birdwatching and flights with handgliders. With visits to Parco del Sasso Simone and Simoncello characterized by the largest chestnut woods in Italy. Dominated by two plateaus which can remind us of the Grand Canyon USA. Here rose the “The city often sun” by Signoria dei Medici di Firenze.