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Alta Valmarecchia offers a wide range of locations where you can do mountain biking. Every biker can find the most suitable track, from the hard “enduro” tracks in Monte Pincio to the typical “cross country” ones in Monte Carpegna. Thanks to its elevations and lush woods, this area is known for hosting several high-level competitions and events that draw sportsmen from all over Italy. The camping director will personally recommend the most thrilling trails, providing you with maps and advice for any kind of bike riding.
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Marco Pantani, one of the most popular athletes in this field, used to love training in Alta Valmarecchia before his international races. He used to say: “Il Carpegna mi basta” (“Monte Carpegna is all I need”); such a renowned saying by “The Pirate” made possible the creation of a race dedicated to him, which takes place precisely on the roads of our valley. Our territory is rich in remarkable elevations of over 1000 metres; our up and downhill low-traffic roads will enable you to practise, “breathing a new challenge” at every curve. The “Nove Colli” race is another leading event: with over 15000 participants, it goes through the most charming places of our area and contributes to the creation of new qualified athletes every year.


Parco Sasso Simone e Simoncello offers the opportunity to discover breathtaking landscapes by showing you all its naturalistic beauty. A wide range of animal species, as well as plants and flowers will accompany you through several routes. You can explore them with your travel companion and even with your children by choosing the level of difficulty more suitable for you.
Routes in Parco Sasso Simone e Simoncello


At present, this activity is one of the most popular in Valmarecchia, which has led to the design of new climbing routes in some of the most evocative villages of the area. The iron paths (vie ferrate), suitable for any kind of rock climber –from the beginner to the most expert- undergo routine maintenance.
Pennabilli, Maiolo, San Leo and Perticara are just some of the many locations in our surroundings where you can find excellent routes that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of our mountains from different perspectives.
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Our territory gives many options for both river and lake fishing lovers, from carpfishing in the amazing lakes of our surroundings to fly fishing along the Marecchia river. The magic of these places, as well as the presence of local fish life will make your experience surprising and unique.